Who We Are

Formed in 1999, Puget Brass is a British-style brass band that performs traditional and contemporary literature throughout the greater Seattle area.  Puget Brass players volunteer their time and efforts to perform for and educate the general public about the unique sound of traditional British brass band music.

Our Mission

Puget Brass’ mission is to entertain, educate, and inspire our community through exceptional music performance in the traditional British brass band style.

our vision

Puget Brass sees a community where the performance of live, unique music brings people of all ages and backgrounds together.

Our rehearsals

Puget Brass rehearses Tuesday evenings from September to June. Our rehearsal space is 7400 Woodlawn, formerly Bethany Lutheran Church, in the Greenlake neighborhood in Seattle. To learn more about 7400 Woodlawn and other events happening in that space, click here.

British Brass Band

British brass band is made up entirely of brass and percussion instruments. The modern day brass band is based on a tradition of friendly community competition. Our instrumentation is also different than you might see in a concert band or orchestral brass section. Brass bands use cornets instead of trumpets, flugelhorn, Eb tenor horns instead of French horns, and Eb and BBb tubas in addition to tenor and bass trombones, baritones, and euphonium. This mix of instruments creates a darker, warmer sound that is unique to brass bands.